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The Pros & Cons of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Rodent Control In Dallas, TX


Rodents can be dangerous pests, and rodent control is something many Dallas, TX homeowners try to take into their own hands. While there is one advantage to DIY rodent control, there are many more disadvantages to the method. Learn more about the pros and cons of do-it-yourself rodent prevention and elimination.

Which Rodents Do Dallas Residents Worry About?

In Dallas, there are two types of rodents that residents try to protect themselves against. First, there are mice. The house mouse is the most common home-invading mouse, and it’s identifiable by its small size and hairy tail. This mouse usually is light brown or brown in color and has a light underbelly.

Rats are also common in the area. If you see a stout-bodied rat, you’re probably looking at a Norway rat. This is a common invader of homes and can get large in size. The roof rat appears smaller and is much more agile. Typically, you find roof rats in your trees or attics.

It’s unusual to find rats and mice together. But the fact that you have any rodents on your property is bad news. Rats and mice have the ability to carry and spread serious diseases. Furthermore, they could have fleas or ticks as parasites and may bring them into your home. In addition to the health risks of rodents, there’s also the issue of property damage. Rodents usually chew on electrical wiring and leave homes vulnerable to fires.

The Good & Bad Of DIY Rodent Control

Once rodents get into your home, they are tough to get rid of. To prevent the complications of a rodent infestation, many property owners try to handle rodent control independently. The only advantage of this method is up-front savings. Rather than hire a professional, you can use the following measures to make your property less vulnerable to rodents:

  • Place out mouse traps
  • Store your trash in sealed cans
  • Keep your floor clean of crumbs and food
  • Store all food in glass or thick plastic containers
  • Seal the holes around plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Maintain a clean yard

While some of the tips above may make your property less appealing to rodents, it’s not enough. Rats and mice have an uncanny way of finding their way into homes. They can chew through openings to get in through the smallest of cavities. As hard as you might try to keep them out, these pests could still invade. Once they do, elimination is no easy task. Setting out mouse traps won’t eliminate all the rodents, and the remaining Dallas pests will reproduce and cause trouble.

Don’t Take The Dangerous Route

In the end, DIY rodent control can cause you more harm than good. There’s no magic trap or spray that will kick out rodents from your home. After your efforts fail, you could have significant property damage, and someone may become ill. Between repairs and medical bills, your rodent problem is likely to be a costly issue.

When working with an experienced professional, you can save money by preventing or eliminating a rodent infestation. An expert knows how rodents get into homes and can keep them out. If you already have an infestation, a professional can safely and quickly remove all pests from your home.

Here at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, Inc, we’ve spent years serving the Dallas community. Our team is dedicated to safely eliminating all rodents from your home. We work hard to protect you from the danger of rodents and all other pests. Whether you want advice or action, call us today. Learn more about our Dallas, TX home pest control plans and commercial exterminator solutions.