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The Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Dallas Home


Let's face it: there will always be pests in the Dallas area. However, that doesn't mean they need to take up permanent residence in your home. As the weather turns colder, one type of infestation becomes more of a concern. Rodent infestation.

A rodent infestation can occur with one of two types. It can either be a mouse infestation or a rat infestation. Here's a brief breakdown of the two species:

  • Mice: This rodent is generally dusty grey and grows up to 3.75 inches long. They possess fur all over their body and have pointed muzzles, large ears, and a thin tail. There are numerous species of mice, but none of them are good news for your Dallas home.
  • Rats: Rats look similar to mice, but are much larger, like up to 16 inches long larger. Rats in Dallas are considered to be medium-sized and come in brown, dark brown, or black coloring. They have larger jaws and their tail is noticeably thicker and scaly compared to mice. Like mice, they possess pointed muzzles, but their ears are proportionally smaller.

It's important to note that except in rare circumstances you will never experience both infestations at the same time. The main reason for this is that mice and rats tend to nest in different areas with mice focusing on the inside while rats focus on the outside. Another reason why they won't interact often is because rats are extremely territorial when it comes to food and will kill mice that encroach on their territory.

Why Rodents Are A Big Concern

Whether it's a rat or a mouse, the result is the same. They're both bad news for your Dallas home. Both rodents cause significant health concerns for the people residing on the premises. While there are many diseases associated with them, the most common of them are rat-bite fever, hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonella, tularemia, scrub typhus, and more

 Both types of rodents carry so many prevalent diseases in part because they are hosts to fleas and other parasites. They also travel in some unhygienic places, which only adds to the pathogens and bacteria they spread. Even the urine and droppings they leave behind can cause at minimum allergies and asthma if not addressed quickly.

 It's not just the health issues rodents cause. Due to their nesting habits and their need to chew things, property damage is a serious concern for homeowners as well. Rodents will chew anything short of metal, which means everything from holes in the wall too short circuits is a possibility with a rodent infestation.

Why DIY Rodent Control Doesn't Work

It’s true there are a number of DIY solutions available to fight a rodent infestation. However, they don't really work the way you need them to. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is their prolific nature. Rodents reproduce exponentially, which means it's never a handful of rodents. Instead, it's dozens. DIY methods can only handle them one on one, which means you'll never get ahead of the problem.

 Besides their prolific nature, rodents are practically ninjas since they can slip through the tiniest of holes. What this means for you is they can come and go as they please, and there can always be new rodents adding to the population. As such, the best solution is one that addresses the problem at the source.

Rodent Prevention with GreenForest Termite & Pest Control

You deserve to feel safe and happy in your own home. When a rodent infestation occurs, it's impossible to feel this way. That's why our team at GreenForest Termite & Pest Control is determined to provide the Dallas home pest control and commercial exterminator solutions you need in a simple yet effective manner. We're committed to ensuring you end up pest-free as you deserve.