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What To Do About Termites On Your Dallas, TX Property


You probably spend a lot of time improving your Dallas, TX property; despite all your efforts, there could be a hidden pest behind your walls causing damage. If you find signs of termites, you need to act quickly. Do you know what to do when termites begin to take over?

What Are Termites?

Termites are ant-like insects that eat cellulose, which they find in logs, lumber, and plants. They even eat drywall, paper, and plastic. For this reason, termites can find plenty of food on your property. Once they get into your walls, termites in Dallas start eating without taking breaks.

Because termites tend to remain in the walls, most homeowners don't realize they have unwanted guests. They could have thousands of dollars in structural damage a few inches away from their faces but not know it.  Because of the damaging nature of termites, it's essential to call for help at the first sign of an infestation. If you notice termite droppings, sagging windows, or hollow-sounding wood, you probably have termites in your walls.

Handling An Infestation

Whether you notice an infestation early on or after the damage is significant, you shouldn't take the situation lightly. Many homeowners realize the immediacy of the problem but try to handle things on their own. Unfortunately, the result is never good.

Termites aren't easy to eliminate; although you can find over-the-counter termite eliminators, the products are rarely effective. In some cases, they contain harmful chemicals and can cause you harm. Without proper training, you can't know how to eliminate termites safely. All of the following are common methods of do-it-yourself (DIY) termite removal that fail:

  • Bait Stations: Bait stations need to be placed in the proper location for termites to find them, and there's no guarantee all of the termites will be affected by the poison. While some termites will die, the remaining ones will reproduce and cause more damage.
  • Orange Oil: Another ineffective method of termite removal is orange oil. Although there's some merit to this method for drywood termites, it's ineffective on subterranean termites. Furthermore, the orange oil could damage your wood.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: For diatomaceous earth to be effective against termites, it needs to be on every exposed surface of the wood. No matter how hard you try, there's no way to place the earth over every inch of wood in your home. Termites will find ways to avoid the wood and continue to destroy your property.
  • Vinegar: Once again, here's another example of a DIY solution that's only mildly effective. A vinegar solution might kill a few termites but won't get rid of them all.

So What Should You Do?

If you find termites on your property, there's only one thing to do - call in the pest control professionals. But you can take some preventative measures to keep these Dallas pests away such as:

  • Improve Ventilation: Softwood is easy for termites to access and chew through. If you keep your home well-ventilated, you can prevent your wood from being too moist.
  • Store Wood Away From Your Building: Sure, it's convenient to keep a pile of firewood near your home. However, doing so attracts termites. Store your firewood and lumber far from your building. Additionally, keep mulch away from your exterior walls.
  • Use A Gravel Barrier: Instead of placing mulch around your home, use a gravel barrier. This limits soil to wood contact, which is one way to make your home less of a target for termites.

Look For Signs Of Trouble

If you see mud tubes near the foundation of your building or any other signs of termites, call for help. The only way to get rid of an active termite infestation is with professional assistance. Here at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, we know how to handle termites with our effective termite control.  Our experienced team will act quickly to limit the damage. We provide residential and commercial pest treatment plans with the most up-to-date treatment programs. Call us today at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control and let us protect your property!