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Eight Quick Cockroach Control Tips For Dallas Homeowners


Cockroaches are nasty guests. They are as comfortable in your trash as they are in your food cabinets. If you allow them to move freely around your home and get into your foods, these insects will make you sick. Today, we're going to look at eight quick cockroach control tips to help you prevent Dallas roaches from making you ill.

Protect Your Food & Your Health

Cockroaches have the ability to chew through paper, cardboard, and thin plastic. If you have food stored in packaging made from these materials, you should transfer them to sealed glass or plastic containers. This will keep cockroaches out of your food and prevent exposure to harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and pathogens, all of which are spread by cockroaches.

Clean Your Surfaces

One of the key ways to resist cockroaches is to employ proper sanitation. Why? Because cockroaches prefer dirty places. They are actually attracted to decay and rot. When you clean surfaces and disinfect, you can make cockroaches feel unwelcome. While cockroaches can live in a sterile environment, they don't prefer it. Cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces will also help shield you from the harmful bacteria and organisms that cockroaches spread to surfaces.

Deep Clean

Cockroaches love tight spaces. If you have roaches in your Dallas home, they'll squeeze into every little nook and cranny. If they find food in these tight spaces, they will be encouraged to stay. One example of a tight space that should be cleaned is the space between your oven and the wall or your oven and a kitchen counter. The juices, grease, and rotting food in that dark crevice are highly attractive to cockroaches.

Address Moisture

Cockroaches prefer to be in a home that has humidity and areas of moisture. When you address conditions of moisture, you can make it uncomfortable for some cockroach species. Look for weeping pipes, leaky faucets, leaking garbage disposals, etc. Also, consider adding fans or dehumidifiers to locations within your home that get humid.  

Manage Your Trash

You are likely aware that cockroaches get into trash. You may also know that having a trash can in your kitchen that has a lid is helpful for getting control of cockroaches. But you'll need to do more than this if you want to resist cockroaches. Most cockroaches can slip past the seal on a covered trash bin, especially bins that have a rocker top. Proper management of interior trash should take the following into consideration.

  • Keep your trash bin clean. This removes cockroach eggs, reduces the scent that attracts cockroaches, and removes a potential food source stuck to your trash bin.
  • Routinely remove trash. If cockroaches get into your trash and attempt to reproduce, they will do so outside of your home. Keep in mind that it takes over 24 days for a cockroach egg to hatch, so you have time.

Restrict Access

Cockroaches take advantage of every tight gap they can find. If you seal gaps, you can reduce access points. Do an inspection of your kitchen and pantry and seal any gaps you find.

Remove Entry Points

It is important to seal gaps, cracks and holes that cockroaches can use to get into your home. Do an inspection of your exterior and fill any potential entry points. Pay particular attention to pipes that pass through your foundation walls because cockroaches are drawn to moisture.

Get Help From A Professional

Cockroaches can be incessant. If you've tried resisting them and they are determined to live in your Dallas home, control methods and products will need to be used. It is best to contact the bug brothers at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control to handle this. We get control of cockroaches in your home with the least amount of chemicals necessary. Reach out to us today and tell us about your residential or commercial pest problem. We can help.