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Keeping your family safe, healthy, and happy is your top priority, but it’s not always easy. You don’t need anything making your job harder than it already is, but a pest infestation will do just that. Common Dallas pests endanger the health of your family and can cause damage to your home in ways that make it an unsafe place to live. Protecting your home from pests is a wise decision, and with the help of Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What To Expect From Our Home Pest Control Service

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In order to best serve you, it helps our pest management professionals to get an in-depth understanding of your home’s current pest pressures and conditions that may lead to problems in the future. That’s why we begin our service with a thorough inspection.

We’ll start inside your home, inspecting the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room. We’ll then move outside to inspect the perimeter of your house, as well as the eaves, flowerbeds, yard, and outbuildings, such as garages and sheds. At this time, we also ask that you to share any specific concerns you have so that we know what to focus on during treatment.

During your initial service visit, we’ll begin inside your house. We’ll treat attic area to inspection area, including entryways, as well as spot treat baseboards, and dust plumbing areas.

Outside, we'll power spray up to three feet up the side and up to three feet out. We also de-web and de-nest the exterior. We’ll granulate your yard as well as any ant hills that we find. We’ll also apply a liquid treatment to the interior perimeter of your garage.

Our residential pest control includes quarterly follow-up visits. Depending on your needs, we’ll either perform both interior and exterior treatments or only exterior treatments during these visits. Interior treatments include a re-treating of the entryways, and spot treating baseboards. Exterior follow-up treatments include re-granulating the yard and anthills, liquid treatments, de-webbing, and de-nesting.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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A detailed inspection is the best first step in any pest control plan. It allows us to understand what your current pest problems are so that we can effectively and efficiently eliminate them.

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Our comprehensive pest control treatments are designed to protect your home, both inside and out. We’ll treat the areas that are most commonly affected by pests to keep your home pest-free.

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By providing quarterly follow-up services, we ensure that your house stays pest-free all year long. We’ll treat the exterior with each visit, as well as the interior if needed.

Our Specialty Pest Control Offerings

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While our general residential pest control is fantastic at eliminating and preventing the most common pests that infest Dallas homes, sometimes pests get inside that need a treatment directed specifically at them. When this happens, Greenforest Termite & Pest Control can help.

We offer the following services:

We design our specialty services specifically to eliminate these destructive and harmful pests from your home. Please visit each service page to learn more.

Your Dallas Home Is In Good Hands

When you choose Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, you receive pest control services backed by over 35 years of experience. We stand behind our treatments with our pest-free guarantee because we know how important it is to treat our customers to the service they deserve, and we work to complete every job with excellence and integrity. To learn more about our residential pest control plans, or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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