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Are Bed Bugs In Dallas, TX Dangerous?

bed bug

Are you sleeping in your Dallas bed with an intruder? If you haven't inspected your home for bed bugs, you could be doing just that. Bed bugs in Dallas are unwanted pests that can cause several problems for property owners. Find out what those problems are and if bed bugs pose a threat to your health.

Parasitical Hitchhikers In Dallas

If you had to describe bed bugs in two words, you might say "parasitical hitchhikers." These parasites rely on the blood of humans and animals to survive. Even if your home is uninhabited for a few weeks, bed bugs can wait around for the next victim.

Bed bugs are also hitchhikers, relying on you and your family members to carry them around. People often pick up bed bugs at hotels, airports, and other travel hubs. Because bed bugs are so small, they go unnoticed until they're inside a home and causing trouble.

Unlike cockroaches and ants, bed bugs don't pick the dirtiest homes on the block to invade. Instead, they choose whatever home the person brings them to. If you leave your jacket on the floor of a hotel with bed bugs, the bed bugs could climb into your jacket and go home with you. Despite your frequent cleanings and proper trash storage, bed bugs will take over.

The Health Concerns With Bed Bugs

Certain Dallas pests pose a serious threat to your health. For instance, fleas and cockroaches have the ability to spread deadly diseases. Unlike those pests, bed bugs aren't known to transmit diseases to humans. To this date, there is no firm evidence that bed bugs are connected with diseases.

Don't let that fool you into thinking bed bugs aren't bad house guests. When you have bed bugs, you could experience any of these issues:

  • Insomnia: Bed bugs can attack you during any time of the day, but they're particularly active when you're sleeping. You may not be able to get any rest because of the biting and scratching. Unfortunately, your lack of sleep could make it difficult to focus. In many cases, insomnia affects work performance and personal relationships. You could be irritable and frustrated for weeks, and bed bugs may be to blame.
  • Secondary Infections: As you scratch at your bed bug bites, you could break the skin. This makes it possible for bacteria to get into the wound and eventually cause an infection. At first, the infection could be minor and seemingly inconsequential. But an untreated infection might have long-term consequences.
  • Anemia: If you have a major bed bug infestation, you could suffer from anemia. This isn't common but is a possibility you should know about. Because of this risk, you should treat for bed bugs as soon as you find evidence of them. Don't waste time and live in discomfort.

Bed Bug Control Isn't Easy

While bed bugs aren't the most dangerous pest in Dallas, they can make your life miserable. And what makes matters worse is that bed bugs are extremely difficult to control and eliminate. If you travel frequently, there's a good chance you will bring bed bugs home. They might hide in your luggage or jacket.

Once bed bugs are in your home, they won't be eager to leave. You can try do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of bed bug removal, but they won't work. It takes a professional bed bug treatment to handle infestations. Here at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, we're ready to take on your bed bug troubles. With years invested in the industry, our company knows what it takes to get rid of bed bugs for good. At the first sign of bed bug problems, call us for quick home pest control and commercial pest control solutions in Dallas, TX.