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How Much Do You Know About Little Black Ants In Dallas?


Here in Dallas, there are all sorts of common pests that we need to worry about. Some are dangerous; some are destructive; some, we just don’t want to see in our homes. One such pest, a common home-invader that we don’t want around, is the little black ant. Little black ants are a species of ants that come into Dallas homes in search of food, water, or shelter. Once inside, they become incredibly difficult to get rid of. As such, prevention is key when it comes to these nuisance ants.

To keep little black ants out of your Dallas home, you need to know what attracts them inside in the first place. Then you can take the appropriate steps to limit these factors and make your home less attractive to little black ants. Furthermore, should your home become infested with little black ants, you need to know the effective ant control solutions you can rely on to get them out.

Identifying Little Black Ants

Little black ants, as their name suggests, are predominantly black ants that are small in size, growing only to be about 1/16th of an inch long. Little black ants are common outdoor ants. You can find them in wooded areas, trails, and along sidewalks. On your Dallas property, you might find them under rocks or logs, in woodpiles, or hidden amongst decaying organic matter.

Because they can frequently be found in yards and around properties, little black ants will enter homes in search of food and water. Once they get inside, they might build their nests in wall voids, around structural wood, or in the stonework.

Threats Posed By Little Black Ants

Despite having stingers, little black ants are not considered to be dangerous to humans. This is because their stingers are too small to render any real effect on us. However, little black ants can become problematic when they invade homes because they infest in very large numbers. This makes getting rid of little black ants quite a challenging endeavor. Furthermore, if they get into your pantry, little black ants can contaminate food which can cost you money to replace. Moreover, you just don’t want to see these little ants around your Dallas home. Although they are only considered to be nuisance pests, there are several reasons you don’t want little black ants coming into your home.

Little Black Ant Prevention Tips

When it comes to little black ant prevention, your primary goals should be to eliminate any factors that attract them inside and to seal off any potential entry points. To accomplish these goals, you should:

  • Store all trash in containers with tight-fitting lids and take out the trash regularly.
  • Keep countertops and floors free of food debris and wipe up any spills immediately.
  • Store food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Fill in any cracks in your home’s foundation with caulk.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Install weatherstripping around windows and exterior doors.

Effective Little Black Ant Control Solutions

If you have any further questions about little black ant prevention, or if you are currently dealing with a little black ant infestation in your Dallas home, contact the pest professionals here at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control right away for assistance. Here at Greenforest Termite & Pest Control, we offer effective ant control solutions that you can count on to eliminate any ants within your Dallas home. Furthermore, should you opt for one of our ongoing treatment plans, we will ensure your home remains pest-free all year long.

Don’t let little black ants make their home inside of yours. Give us a call today to get started with quality home pest control and commercial pest control solutions that you can count on.